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This record group consists of libraries from the regular and secular communities who settled in New Spain , and includes books printed in Europe between 1501 and 1859 These monastic libraries passed to the power of the State when , on 12 July “The books , prints, manuscripts, paintings , antiques and other objects belonging to the suppressed religious communities, museums , libraries and other baby girl shoe socks establishments shall apply : 1859 , the Law on Nationalization of Ecclesiastical Property , Article 12 thereof stated was issued public ” . Thus, the libraries of the regular clergy, as were the Convento Grande de San Francisco de la Ciudad de Mexico, San Agustin , College of San Fernando , La Merced and the secular order as Turriana Library or the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico , to name a few , became part of the first documentary group of the National Library of Mexico .

The books of the Fund Source distinguish their brands due to fire, reflected on the song; his ex libris, as a sign of belonging to any of the religious communities; by paper made ​​of cotton; their bindings on parchment lined or wood for their skin and lockdowns to protect the book, which have some of them. It is noteworthy that several of these works as well have belonged to one of the regular and secular bookstores, also part of libraries known scholars, such as scientific Carlos de Siguenza y Gongora and bibliographer John of Eguiara and Eguren. In addition to the libraries of former convents mentioned infant shoe socks, the National Library of Mexico has the San Joaquin , San Angelo, San Fernando , Santo Domingo, San Francisco , del Carmen, San Diego, San Felipe Neri, San Pablo , and Porta Coeli Aranzazu, among other books dominate the theological, philosophical , civil and canon law issues.